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AFH in Residency at the Oliver Perry K-8 School

AFH Painting Mentor Wendy Michel served as an Artist in Residency at the Oliver Perry School during the 2013-2014 school year. She provided over 2,000 student hours of arts instruction to middle grades students. A great deal of their art explorations focused on interdisciplinary connections, like the natural connections between art and science and art and history--even recent history--as shown in two large (4’ x 4’) portraits on canvas that the students made in the style of a ‘pop art’ photo filter. Below are iconic portraits of recent historical figures Nelson Mandela, painted by grade 8, and Steve Jobs, painted by grade 6. 

Ms. Michel’s residency was generously funded by Edvestors as part of the BPS ARTS Expansion Initiative.

Please consider donating to help get these paintings framed and permanently installed in the school. You will help the young artists feel so proud! You can say what the donation is for on the form. Thank you!

 Nelson Mandela, painted by grade 8.

Steve Jobs, painted by grade 6.

Since 1991, Artists For Humanity has empowered and employed Boston teens in an intensive program of arts, creativity and enterprise. AFH partners youth with professional artists/designers to design, create and sell art products. With fully equipped, staffed studios in Painting/Murals, Sculpture/Industrial Design, Screen-Printing, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Photography, Web Design and Video, youth and mentors collaborate on creative projects, many specifically commissioned by clients. In the process, young artists develop entrepreneurial skills, and introduce audiences to their voice, vision and virtuosity. Artists For Humanity apprentices have produced fine art and creative products for Boston's largest firms and organizations.

In 2004, Artists For Humanity established its headquarters, the Artists For Humanity EpiCenter, in the Fort Point Arts District of Boston.  Built to meet the highest levels of sustainability set by the US Green Building Council, this LEED Platinum building informs our youth about issues of environmental stewardship, and serves as an inspiration and backdrop for their creativity. Named one of the Top Ten Green Buildings in the country, and one of the 5 Most Beautiful Buildings in Boston, The Artists For Humanity EpiCenter provides a fitting venue for perhaps the largest permanent collection of youth-created fine art and design in the nation.

Today, the Artists For Humanity model is being disseminated internationally to organizations that utilize our framework of responsibility, respect, and positive relationships to empower young people in their communities.