AFH Paints Containers for Boston harbor islands and HUBweek

October 2017

AFH Paints Containers for Boston harbor islands and HUBweek




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AFH at Boston
Harbor Islands

As the shipping container craze continues, our Painting Studio has been busy transforming two drab shipping containers into art pieces; three for the Boston Harbor Islands and one for HUBweek.​

Commissioned by Boston Harbor Now in collaboration with The National Parks of Boston and the Department of Conservation and Recreation, AFH participants designed and painted murals spanning three 20-foot shipping containers in the Boston Harbor Islands. After viewing a presentation on the history of Boston Harbor Islands by a local archaeologist, conducting lots of research and investigation to develop designs, plus several site visits, painting participants created “Conextions” -  a celebration of the history and natural landscape of the islands.​

AFH at HUBweek

We were honored to participate in this year’s edition of HUBweek, where we showcased the voices of Boston’s creative teens in our immersive, interactive 20’ x 10’ shipping container. Executed by AFH participants and mentors, our container’s exterior was painted with a “fingerprint” design overlaid on a color spectrum. While everyone has a fingerprint, each fingerprint is unique to the individual.


As such, our design in the foreground speaks to the tremendous impact a single person can have on an entire community while the background color spectrum represents the powerful force of organized, collective effort.

Titled “Set It Straight, Miles To Go,” we hoped to communicate that AFH addresses equity on a daily basis, yet the issue of equity is an ongoing one. Inside the container, teens voices refracted off the walls through a series of video projections and sound recordings representing a world of experiences and reflections usually hidden from public view.​

Never visited Grape Island and Bumpkin Island? Now you have two reasons to! See the vibrant pieces on site, where they are now on view to the public.