The Graphic Design Studio offers a full range of services with a special emphasis on providing creative, effective, and relevant solutions. Our products are developed by listening to our clients – often resulting in long term relationships, generating vibrant ideas, and respecting quality. From Branding/Identity Systems to large-scale interior wall graphics, the Graphic Design studio is built to provide quality design and to use design as a tool to empower our youth.



From t-shirts to tote bags, our Graphic Design studio designs graphics that speak to both the consumer and a variety of industries.  We offer the market a unique perspective through our diverse team of teen designers and tackle each project with a bespoke approach to meet client needs and today’s consumer aesthetic. Our designs are found from the Barnes and Noble College bookstores to companies such as P&G.

The Graphic Design Studio takes branding very seriously. We are driven by the design process, we ask questions, listen, and provide authentic solutions for local businesses – big and small, start-ups and non-profits. Our process and results are driven by a personal commitment to each of our clients’ success. We continually demonstrate our capacity to do just that!


Clients/B&N Harvard Bookstore

Client/Boston Properties    

Branding/Identity                       Gifts                         Cards/Stationery  Apparel/Accessory Graphics        Interior Décor            Event/Celebration/Party Collateral/Recognitions/PR          Environmental Graphics




The Graphic Design Studio has years of experience transforming spaces into customized environments that speak to a variety of industries.  Whether you need a visually compelling mural, a site-specific installation, or a translation of your brand to your walls, our teen designers work collaboratively to meet your design and aesthetic needs.

Clients/Color Inc/B&N Harvard Bookstore

Client/Boston Medical

Client/P&G Gillette

Client/The Philanthropy Connection

Client/SBK Branding

Client/Grand Circle