Inside our Graphic Design Studio at AFH

October 2017

Inside our Graphic Design Studio at AFH




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EY (formerly
Ernst & Young)​

If you work for a corporation, you know corporate office interiors tend to be pretty plain. That’s why AFH’s Graphic Design Studio created vibrant wall graphics transforming the interiors of EY and John Hancock to reflect the innovative ideas and people housed within their walls.​

EY, a multi-national corporation, commissioned the AFH Graphic Design Studio to create an interior wall graphic to celebrate their core-values, brand, and dynamic corporate culture. The result was a graphic that portrayed EY’s global presence and their commitment to “Building a Better Working World.”​

Dimensions: 38’ x 10’

Materials: Vinyl

Location: John Hancock Building on 200 Clarendon Street, Boston, MA

Date Completed: Summer 2017

Graphic Design participant Maxwell Brown’s illustration was chosen as the backdrop for the wall graphic. Of the illustration, Max says, “For this piece, I wanted to demonstrate a sense of global connection — that is why the skyline includes different landmarks from various cities where EY is headquartered, connected by a bridge in the center.” ​

“The drawing itself is taken from one of my original sketches. It was originally done on pen and paper, then taken into illustrator and vectored. One of the challenges to the project was also one of the best parts: the fact that the mural was going to be so large meant that I was able to go into finer detail and make a more intricate piece. It was a fun challenge to create an entire city skyline.”​

John Hancock LOFT (Lab of Forward Thinking)​

John Hancock Financial’s Lab of Forward Thinking (LOFT) commissioned the AFH Graphic Design Studio to communicate their corporate history alongside their current and future commitment to disrupt and lead in the generation of innovative business solutions. The wall connects the Corporate Museum to LOFT and provides a visual journey from their past into the future.​

Dimensions: 59’ x 9’

Materials: Vinyl

Location: 61 Congress Street
in Boston, MA

Date Completed: Summer 2017

Graphic Design participant Kelly De Leon reflects on her designs saying, “My mural idea for John Hancock was to show the progression of the company from its origins to how it is today. On the right side of the mural you see how John Hancock started with his signature on the constitution. The design then transitions into the more modern image the company has today. Overall, I was interested in portraying the growth of John Hancock as a company.”​