Photography Workshop at Artists For Humanity 

October 2017

Photography Workshop at Artists For Humanity 




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Jessup Deane is a freelance photographer specializing in e-commerce imagery and street photography. He is currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia and working out of New York City. Deane's clients include A Bathing Ape (BAPE), Aimé Leon Dore, Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. and he has previously worked for companies such as, Boylston Trading Company, and Dune Studios.

(Left photo credit:​ Matthew Bentley)

After a brief presentation of his professional portfolio, Jessup kicked off the workshop by checking in with the teens regarding their individual goals. To demonstrate e-commerce lighting concepts and patterns, the teens engaged in a sample photo shoot in which they learned how to set up, shoot, break down, and edit for product photography. Here’s what the teens and mentors had to say about the workshop.​

Assistant Photography Mentor Janna Mach said, "The workshop provided a lot of good advice on how to market and produce our work effectively. Also, the step-by-step process on how to photograph products was engaging and helpful."

Graphic Design participant Thornton "Sparticus" Nguyen joined the workshop due to his longtime interest in fashion and photography. Sparticus explained, "Jessup knew his field of work inside and out. He confidently handled demonstrations, questions, and audience participation, while simultaneously teaching us how to be efficient thinkers and photographers."​

Photography participant Vanessa Vo reflected on the workshop saying, "I really enjoyed how genuine Jessup was and how he shared everything about the photos we liked: the story behind it, his settings, and what he was specifically going for in each shot.”

Of the experience, Jessup Deane said, “I feel really grateful for the opportunity to work with the kids and staff at AFH. Everyone was so welcoming from the moment I entered the facility to the moment I left after my third day. The amount of dedication displayed by everyone in the program - not only to the job at hand, but also to the arts and creativity in general - was really inspiring."​


View Jessup Deane’s photography here and on Instagram @jessupdeane.