The Photography Studio creates fine art, documentary, and commercial photography in both traditional and digital platforms. The studio markets

their own commercial services through portraiture, product photography, fine art documentation, reproduction prints, event photography, and mixed media home decor, working in collaboration with AFH’s 3D Design Studio.

Our teen photographers practice various types of photography through on-the-job training and commission work for clients. They utilize the skills learned in studio to execute lighting techniques, photo editing/retouching, analog photography, darkroom techniques, and to create final products on several print, web, and digital mediums.


Artists For Humanity’s Photography Studio documents corporate, private, and personal events. From birthday parties to business conferences, we provide image coverage to document the important events in your life.


Client/Ba Ba Bing

Client/Portrait I

Event                                      Portrait/Staged                    Product Shots

Location/Architectural               Fine Art Prints                     Photo For Product


Our photography team provides quality headshots and portraits for both professional and personal use. Whether you are looking for traditional studio portraits or offsite/outdoor settings, our team can provide photography and retouching services for individuals,

families, and businesses.

We provide quality images of products, apparel, artwork, and collections for individuals and businesses. Our product photography can be utilized in both

print and web forms for sales catalogs, portfolios, inventory, and online sales.


Client/Greatest Party On Earth



Client/Portrait II