Artists For Humanity screen-printed designs are reflective of what’s happening today. The team specializes in customized designs, developed in collaboration with Graphic Design youth, for both corporate and small businesses.

The AFH-trained screen printers are best known for imprinting T-shirts and sweatshirts for Artists For Humanity THE STORE, college bookstores, corporate events and community organizations, meeting production deadlines and providing quality products at a competitive price.


Project/Screen Printing Apparel For various Clients


Location/Boston, MA

Project/Apparel Print For Peace On Art

Completed/Spring/Summer 2014

Location/Boston, MA

Project/Screen Print for Paula Evans Designs NYC

Completed/Summer/Fall 2014

Location/Boston, MA

Project/Cheers Apparel


Location/Boston, MA

T-shirts, AFH design              T-shirts, client design                 Inward Bound

Bags                                     Other accessories                   Other Clothing

Location/Boston, MA

Completed/Spring 2015

Project/B+N Harvard Bookstore