Apprentices learn and apply the fundamentals

of design, typography, layout, color systems,  

pre-press production for offset, digital, large  format and screen printing, and new media/ electronic imaging. They develop free-hand illustration skills and use the full range of

software in the Adobe Suite.

Branding, Logo, Design, Software, Invitations,events
Studio, branding, color, layout, logo, tshirt design

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Artists For Humanity offers a wide range of fine art and design services for hire​. ​Teen artists collaborate with professional mentors across ​multi-media​ studios to create fine art and design solutions, offer curated exhibition services and ​tailor artful interactive experiences ​​for both the business community and individuals. CONTACT US to discuss your unique needs and read on to learn more about our amazing studios, our portfolio of experiences and our impact!

Inward Bound is a team-building experience for groups of adult clients to work with trained teen artists. Adult participants leave with a finished art piece and a new understanding of urban teens. Significantly, Inward Bound offers a role reversal with teens as teachers. Inward Bound can serve as a dynamic offsite for conferences, retreats or special recognition, and can include a reception component in our gallery/event space.











Teens train in scripting and storyboarding, camera work, sound engineering, graphic design, digital editing, motion graphics/animation, web-readiness, and video production. Apprentices produce personal, documentary, and entrepreneurial pieces, and have tackled numerous projects for clients  through their video commissions.


Apprentices learn fine art, documentary and commercial photography in both traditional and digital platforms. Through portraiture, product photography and computer-aided design

projects, teens learn to market their own commercial services and deliver client

specific solutions.


Teen artists have the opportunity to explore three-dimensional construction arts, offering creative solutions to meet client needs. Concepts are taken from sketch, to drawing, to model, to  full execution. They are trained on computer- aided drafting programs and conduct trials with materials to understand their properties and applicability to the project.



Painting introduces new apprentices to AFH and provides a solid foundation for all other artistic media, allowing youth to explore their identity and larger societal role in ways most have not previously experienced. Professional artist mentors teach youth the basics in drawing, painting, composition, design, and color

theory to develop fine art and create unique

solutions for our clients.


Artists For Humanity screen-printed designs respond to today's changing market. The team specializes in customized designs developed in collaboration with AFH teen graphic designers, providing a fresh perspective for businesses large and small. The AFH-trained screen printers are best known for imprinting T-shirts and sweatshirts for corporate events and community organizations, providing quality

products-on time - at a competitive price.




AFH has served Boston and its surrounding communities for decades, providing innovation

and creative arts to hundreds of businesses and individuals. We offer multiple options, including commissioned works, curated installations, fine art purchases and leased art exhibitions. Thanks to our extensive collection of artworks and wide range of design services, AFH can meet any design need.





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AFH Interactive brings talent from across our studios to events, meetings, and gatherings of all types. Teens and mentors design art experiences "live and onsite" to creatively achieve clients' objectives. Choose from a great menu of unique services customized for your group. 




Download the AFH ​Interactive Flyer or explore our various studios below.​




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This program is supported in part by a grant from the Boston Cultural Council, a local agency which is funded by the Mass Cultural Council, and administered by the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture.​

Funded in part by Boston Public Schools (BPS) Arts Expansion, a multi-year effort focusing on access, equity and quality arts learning for BPS students. The BPS Arts Expansion Fund, managed by EdVestors, is supported by the Barr Foundation, The Boston Foundation, Katie and Paul Buttenwieser, The Klarman Family Foundation, Linde Family Foundation, and other foundations and individuals.. BPS Arts Expansion is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.​

Artists For Humanity is supported by the New England Foundation for the Arts through the New England Arts Resilience Fund, part of the United States Regional Arts Resilience Fund, an initiative of the U.S. Regional Arts Organizations and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, with major funding from the federal CARES Act from the National Endowment for the Arts.​